Legal and Optional Tenant Property Maintenance Responsibilities

Legal and Optional Tenant Property Maintenance Responsibilities

Are you a new landlord in Kalispell, Montana?

If so, here's some fantastic news: Its population has increased by nearly 30% since 2020. Moreover, its current annual growth rate is 6.08%.

That's good news for you as a landlord, as population growth indicates more prospective tenants.

But before you get all excited, it pays to learn more about legal and optional tenant property maintenance tasks first. This way, you can develop a fair rental agreement that your potential renters won't break.

This guide outlines what you need to know, so read on.

Montana Tenants' Legal Property Maintenance Responsibilities

The Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act codifies tenants' rental property maintenance responsibilities. Under this law, renters must:

  • Adhere to all applicable health and safety building and housing codes
  • Keep the rented premises clean and safe
  • Dispose of their garbage and other waste in a clean and safe way
  • Keep plumbing fixtures in the rental clean and sanitary
  • Use appliances and facilities on the premises in a reasonable manner

Tenants must abide by the Act not only because it's the law but also because it's for their health and safety. For instance, failure to dispose of waste correctly may lead to a rodent infestation. Unfortunately, these critters cause property damage and can transmit at least 35 diseases to humans.

Other Legal Property-Related Tenant Responsibilities

The Montana Residential Landlord and Tenant Act also sets rules prohibiting tenants from doing certain activities. These include the following:

  • Damaging, defacing, or destroying any part of the rental property
  • Engaging in activities that could result in the above
  • Using the property as a site for criminal, gang, or drug-related activities
  • Storing illegally possessed firearms, explosives, or hazardous substances on the property

You can avoid renting out to tenants who may commit such acts by screening them thoroughly. Alternatively, you can outsource this task to a professional property management company.

Optional Tenant Property Maintenance Tasks

You, the rental property owner, may negotiate with tenants regarding optional property maintenance tasks. Giving them an incentive, such as a small discount on their rental fee, can make them more likely to agree. Just don't forget to indicate all the tasks and incentives you agree to in the contract.

Here are some examples of optional property maintenance tasks you can ask your tenants to perform:

  • Mow the grass
  • Rake and bag leaves on the yard
  • Salt or shovel snow
  • Replace the HVAC filters once every month or two
  • Remove debris from the outdoor HVAC unit

Such optional tasks can help make maintaining your rental investment property more manageable. Moreover, the incentives you give your tenants can boost your relationship with them, making it more likely for them to stay and renew their lease.

Make Property Maintenance and Management Simpler

Rental property maintenance is a shared responsibility between you and your tenants. However, you can simplify things further by delegating your tasks to a full-service property management company.

That's precisely what PMI Realty Management NW is. We're a proud franchise of PMI, a property management company that has served landlords and tenants throughout the U.S. for 20 years. PMI manages over $5 billion worth of assets, a testament to its property management expertise.

So, connect with us today! We'll happily discuss how we can make managing your Kalispell properties manageable.