Top 3 ways to protect your summer garden from pests in Kalispell

Top 3 ways to protect your summer garden from pests in Kalispell
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Kalispell is known for its gorgeous mountain views and balmy summer breezes. It’s also known for the wildlife and inevitable bugs that come with those scenic views! Your summer garden is a fantastic addition to your renter’s experience and can be a great secondary source of vegetables, fruits, and fresh herbs for homemade meals. However, as the weather warms, the insects come out in droves often at the expense of your garden’s health and vibrancy. Below, we’ll cover the top three ways that you can protect your rental property garden today.

Remove slugs and snails with this natural remedy

Slugs and snails are prevalent in the Northern areas, likely because the cool climates and the frequent storms create an ideal environment for their comfort. While they appear harmless, these gastropods can significantly damage your garden, chewing their way through your leaves and blooms. While they do provide a natural and steady food source for birds and other larger animals, the negative effects in your garden can outweigh this benefit. Luckily, you can rid your space of them with an easy-to-use remedy.

Bordering your garden with lines of rock salt can help to repel snails and slugs without relying on artificial chemicals and pesticides. It also should not affect the overall acidity and pH of your soil, keeping your crops as safe as possible from both the snails and the use of chemicals. You can find rock salt at most garden centers or restaurant supply stores.

Protect your veggies from hornworm infestations

Hornworms are prevalent in the warmer months, chewing through leaves and produce as they feed over the course of their lives. You’ll find them on your plants in the cooler or early morning hours, and also hiding under the leaves and nooks of your plants during the day. They are averse to sunlight, which is why you’ll find the most active in the evening and dawn hours. When you find these critters, the recommendation is to squash them. However, you can take a less invasive approach.

Purchase a spray bottle from any discount supply store or dollar store in Kalispell. Label the spray bottle clearly so you don’t misuse it for the wrong purpose! After you do this, fill it with two cups of water and two teaspoons of dish soap. Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper in there as well, approximately one teaspoon’s worth. Shake it well, until combined. You can spray your plants with this daily, using this spray as a natural repellant for hornworms. This will also not cause harm to your plants, allowing them to grow freely in the safest way possible.

Avoid aphid attacks with this simple hack

Aphids are common in Kalispell gardens — causing premature aging in your plant, curling leaves, and death. You can limit the effects of invasive aphids naturally using several methods. Most commonly, gardeners invest in tubes of ladybugs, letting these spotted beetles loose in the garden. You’ll get a lovely display if you choose this route and the added benefit of fewer aphids in the garden. Aphids are delicacies for ladybugs, making this treatment very effective. Generally, the ladybugs will remain in the garden until the aphids are gone.

For a more direct approach, you can mix up some warm water and dish soap, spritzing the affected plants regularly. You can also choose to remove them with a fine-haired paintbrush, knocking them into cups of hot, soapy water. This is a natural, safe, and effective way to neutralize the effects of aphids in your garden.

Where to find garden supplies in Kalispell?

There are plenty of places in Kalispell to find quality gardening supplies, seeds, and tools. Check out the Box of Rain Organic Garden Center. This local provider is “Northwest Montana’s only organic and indoor gardening center.” Plant Land is also a great option, offering full-spectrum garden supplies, seeds, and more.

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