Thrive all season long with the perfect winter garden!

Thrive all season long with the perfect winter garden!
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You’re sitting by the window with a warm cup of tea in your hands, taking in the beautiful surroundings…when all of a sudden, you see a rainbow-like pop of color in the corner of your eye.

Your winter garden!

Your gardening experience doesn’t have to stop in the colder months of winter. In fact, it’s quite the opposite! Your tenants will love soaking in the sights and enjoying the beauty of a winter garden. After all — as a tenant who isn’t in charge of their lawn, it can be stressful to see its upkeep fall by the wayside, even through the winter. It’s time to give your landscape a facelift — let’s get started planting your winter garden with these three plants that will survive and thrive as the weather gets chillier.

1. Daffodils

This little burst of sunshine is the perfect addition to your winter landscape, and provide beautiful, creamy yellows and whites to your color scheme. Daffodils are the first outdoor flower to show up as winter ends. This means that there’s no better time to put some bulbs in the ground! You can rest assured that they’ll be blooming and thriving even in the most frigid of temperatures. Snow won’t get these little beauties down! These are inexpensive and easy to plant and grow, making this the perfect first addition for any novice gardener.

2. Cabbage

Cabbage is a staple food. It’s a nutrient-rich superfood that’s unexpectedly high in Vitamin C. As the weather gets colder, it can help you avoid that dreaded January runny nose. It also has a high level of other vitamins, magnesium, and iron, making this the perfect addition to soups or salads.The best news for you right now though is that cabbage plants can survive being planted while the weather is already cold and can thrive in temperatures well below freezing. If you’re looking for a hardy, stable and tasty vegetable that you can add to just about any dish, look no further than delicious varieties of cabbage!

3. Carrots

Carrots are colorful, cold-hardy, and all-around delicious to chomp on all year long! These root vegetables rarely spoil when kept in cool conditions, and will thrive in the cold winter months. After all, In January, you and your tenants can start to feel overwhelmed by the constant grey of winter. These orange bursts and pops of color will help to lift your spirits as you watch them grow from your windowsill!

Carrots are beautiful, but they’re also incredibly nutrient-dense. For such a mild and slightly sweet vegetable, carrots bring a LOT to the table in terms of making your body feel like it runs its best through the cold months. Carrots provide vitamin C like cabbage, so they can also stave off the sniffles — just in time for cold and flu season!

There are plenty of local businesses and resources that you can reference when it’s time to plant your winter garden. Below is a list of some of the most popular nurseries and gardening centers in your area that can help you get started today!

We can’t wait to see your garden thrive this winter! Happy planting!