Spring cleaning and fix tips to supercharge your rental property

Spring cleaning and fix tips to supercharge your rental property
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Spring is here, and with the change of season comes a variety of fixes that you’re likely noticing around your property’s space. Taking initiative on these fixes and updates before your tenant mentions them can help to boost your tenant and landlord relationship and ensure a smooth rental experience for both of you. Conducting seasonal checks is a great way to keep your property in a top-value condition, and get ahead of any seasonal maintenance that’s required. Get ready to dive into spring cleaning and home updates that you won’t want to miss to keep your rental property looking sharp!

1. Conduct a full exterior evaluation

You can’t evaluate what changes are needed without going through an evaluation process on the home! Conduct a drive-by inspection and make notes of any fixes that you see that the property needs. Common fixes you’ll notice after the winter snow melts away include:

  • Broken, faded, or dulled stucco: This can affect the exterior wall areas and is especially common to see toward the bottom of the walls. This is because the moisture from melted snow can collect and weaken the integrity of the stucco, making it easy to chip and appear dull.
  • Peeling, old, and faded paint: This is a very common issue due to the weather shifts in Kalispell and can be dealt with easily with a trip to your local hardware store. If you notice your property is in need of a fresh coat, be sure to take a fresh paint chip with you to whatever paint store you choose to color match to the exact shade. It makes all the difference!
  • Tilted fences: This is one of the most noticeable issues that can be caused by the stormy winter months, and, when fixed, can have an excellent impact on your overall curb appeal.
  • Mushy gardens: The winter weather can take a toll on your gardens, leaving you with mushy mud puddles that lack the curb appeal that you’re looking for. You can work to beautify the outdoors with weather-resistant plants and garden accouterments from your local gardening center.

2. Update exterior insulation

When doing your checks, you may also want to look at any points of exterior insulation that has been weakened, which could lead to drafts. Despite the weather turning warmer, you can still have a slew of rainstorms, snow, and other inclement weather throughout the spring months. With this in mind, common areas to check would include window seams, door seams, and any other point of entry that could let a draft in. Visiting your local hardware store to pick up some protective materials, sealant, and batting could help your property cut back on electricity costs, and give your resident a better experience.

Looking for a reliable place to find protective material? Check out the Western Building Center off of 1019 E Idaho St in Kalispell. They have a variety of affordable options that can help you easily update and maintain your home.

3. Get a roofing inspection done

Spring and summer bring wind and storms — and that’s not even counting the ever-shifting weather that you can find in the fall and winter months. Taking the time to get a roofing inspection done can help keep your residents safe and happy, and avoid any sort of leaks or other crisis. Preventative maintenance and checks are key to the health of your roof and home, so taking the time to do this annually is an investment that can pay off in the long run.

Artisan Roofing is an outstanding local company with a long legacy of success in the Kalispell area. They have the expertise you need to walk you through any needed maintenance or recommended repairs. You can visit their website by clicking here, or give them a call at 406-890-7663 (ROOF).