New Year, New Home: Our January Home Update List for Your Kalispell Rental Property

New Year, New Home: Our January Home Update List for Your Kalispell Rental Property
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We’ve said “cheers” to the New Year–and there’s no better time than the present to do a clean sweep of your go-to chore lists. January is the perfect time to start fresh and refresh your rental property space — and the team at PMI Realty Management NW is here to help you get the most out of your new year’s resolutions.

Read on to learn more about the strategic areas of your home that you should focus on updating as we kick off 2023.

1. Power Wash Your Home’s Exterior

Power washing isn’t just helpful for your home’s overall aesthetic and curb appeal. It can also go a long way to preserving the life of your paint and siding. Mud, debris, and weathering-related buildup can take a toll on your home’s appearance and can result in secondary problems — like insect infestations, rot, or mold problems. Seasonal or biannual power washing is a simple task you can do to mitigate your risk and extend the life of your Kalispell rental property.

Looking to gear up with some quality power washing and cleaning tools? Connect with the pros at Western Building Center today. They’re located off of 1019 E. Idaho St., conveniently located in the heart of the Kalispell town center — giving you the accessibility and range of products you need to make this part of your refresh a success.

2. Check and Clear Your Gutters

Clearing your gutters is an essential winter chore that helps you to prolong the life and strength of your roof. Over time, snow, leaves, and rain can pool on your roof if there’s insufficient drainage, resulting in rotting clogs and plugs that can weaken the roof shingles and tiles. This can lead to weak points, leaks, and eventual collapse, which can be especially costly to repair.

All you need to address this risk is a bucket, a gutter scoop, and a hose–all of which you can pick up at your Kalispell, Montana ACE Hardware Store. Or, you can reach out to local Kalispell renters through the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce if you’re looking for a done-for-you solution to protect your roof’s integrity.

3. Review Your Roof’s Integrity

On average, you should consider a roof inspection every 2-3 years. This is because it’s the average length of time you’ll be allowed to let pass before roofing and construction warranties are voided. Plus, sticking to this type of schedule can help you avoid “missing” any weak spots or vulnerabilities in your roof. You can refer to the Chamber of Commerce to find qualified roofers in your area that can help you complete this chore safely and effectively, and who can advise you on best practices to manage and care for your rental property roof.

4. Strategize Your Spring Planting

While it may be too cold to break ground and seed at the moment, you’ll want to get ready for those early spring planting dates. March is just around the corner, and is the perfect time to plant your spring garden favorites — such as salad greens, herbs and peas. Plant Land is your source for high-quality seeds and sproutings, as well as any gardening tools you may need. Stop on by any day of the week and peruse the aisles of freshly-sprouted favorites, flower shoots, and soils.

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