Music Unleashed: Local music + wine nights in Whitefish, Montana

Music Unleashed: Local music + wine nights in Whitefish, Montana
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It’s the middle of winter and it can be hard to find something to do in Northwestern, Montana once you’re ready to head indoors. Well, look no further – local winery Unleashed in Whitefish has you covered! Not only is Unleashed a great place to grab some delicious local wine and hang out with friends, but they also offer live music nights every week featuring local artists. Get ready for a fun night out that supports your local community!

Unleashed, A Unique Montana Winery
Unleashed: A Winery is quickly becoming one of Whitefish’s favorite destinations for a night out. With its cozy atmosphere and classy decor, it’s the perfect place to spend an evening getting together with friends or family.

Opened by former animal care technician Nicole Erickson, Unleashed’s unique name comes from Nicole’s love of dogs, who Nicole says “have the unique ability to enjoy life’s little pleasures.” When she moved back to her Northwestern Montana home, she set out to create a place that spoke to that ability to enjoy life’s little pleasures – somewhere comfortable and relaxed where people could “unleash.”

While dogs may not be allowed inside the winery, most of Unleashed’s wines have a dog theme, like their Camp Hound, Ultimutt, Red Rover, or Lazy Day Rose, featuring two adorable corgis on the label. In fact, the Lazy Day Rose was so popular with Corgi fans on Facebook when it first debuted that Unleashed couldn’t keep up with production fast enough! (Don’t worry! It’s back now! Shop Unleashed wines here. They ship all over the United States!)

Music Unleashed
Every Friday night during winter months, you can catch performances at Unleashed from some of Montana’s best musical talent while sipping on hand-selected wines bottled at Unleashed’s winemaking facility right in downtown Whitefish.

Each week brings different performers, so you’ll always get something new and exciting when you visit! Past acts include Quinn VanGaalenKelly DianeAndrew Sweeney, and Will Oliver. Plus, each show is free so you don’t have to break the bank to have fun on a Friday night. This winter season, there are plenty of opportunities to show off your dance moves while supporting talented locals and enjoying amazing wine selections – all under one roof!

If you’re enjoying your time at Unleashed, you can enhance the experience by joining the Unleased Wine Club! With a wine club membership, you get your pick of 12 bottles of wine from the winery per year, plus first access to all new wines and two member-only tasting parties.

Follow Unleashed: A Winery on Facebook and Instagram to stay up to date on future musical events and fun seasonal parties and charity events throughout the year!

Winter doesn’t have to be dull and boring – head over to the Unleashed Winery in Whitefish for a great time and support your community by checking out live music concerts from local artists every Wednesday night! Relax with friends over drinks while listening to fantastic tunes. By visiting Unleashed: A Winery, you’re guaranteed a good time – plus some delicious wine! So don’t let another winter pass by without experiencing what this amazing winery has to offer in terms of music, drinks, and company.

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