Make Your Kalispell Rental Property a Cozy Escape With These Fall Favorites

Make Your Kalispell Rental Property a Cozy Escape With These Fall Favorites
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Looking to go the extra mile for your next fall resident? No matter what design scheme you have in your residential rental property, making some cozy updates to welcome the fall season is a great way to add a special touch to your property and rental experience. Your resident is sure to appreciate the extra homelike feel with these simple property swaps & adds!

Read on to learn more about how you can make your Kalispell rental home a cozy oasis for the upcoming fall rental season!

1. Embrace The Natural Beauty

In Kalispell, you’re surrounded by miles of endless natural beauty. There’s no better way to connect with your inner hygge inspiration than to embrace that concept and bring it indoors. If your home has natural wood finishes or elements, polish and shine them–accentuating the space with less “busy” decor options that will enhance the natural beauty of your architectural elements and overall space.

Looking for some natural home decor inspiration? Consider Quietude Home. This community favorite offers minimalistic, bohemian, and clean-chic furniture that’s sure to instantly elevate your space.

2. Add Exterior Decor

Giving your home a touch of character with exterior decor is never a mistake, so long as it’s seasonal and represents your unique tastes. You can encourage your renter to do the same, using your yard as a blank canvas for personalization and seasonal flair. When done correctly, you can use exterior decorative elements to give your home a boost of curb appeal and undeniable personality. Our favorite ways to start include:

  • Making or purchasing a fall-themed wreath
  • Investing in faux pumpkins for multi-year use
  • Purchasing outdoor lanterns to line your steps and pathways
  • Updating your home’s decorative flag for the fall season

There are near-endless additions that you can make to bring more of a “homey” feeling to your house and to make your resident feel as if they’re in a space of their own.

The local Kalispell HomeGoods can be a great place to start, especially for seasonal decor and inspiration.

3. Look at Your Lighting Options

Lighting can tie together a room–effortlessly! Looking at your current lighting options can help you to determine the overall look and “feel” of your space. For example, harsh overhead lighting can cause your resident to feel unsettled or agitated, in some cases. You might opt for softer, more natural lighting that gives a gentle glow to your home–instantly setting the mood for relaxation and restoration. Great examples of these include fairy or bistro lights for both the interior and exterior of your home, which you can easily tailor to your home’s personal taste and vibe.

McKoy’s Quality Interiors has been selling quality, modern light fixtures since the store’s start in 1979. They’re a great place to consider if you’re looking for the help you need to perfect your space.

4. Don’t Forget the Details

The details and additions are what make a space a home. We know that your resident will come equipped with their own move-in materials, but you might consider pre-setting the space for them with some quality candles, decor, and personal effects–such as notebooks, shelving, and other related elements.

Looking for a place to outfit your space without breaking the bank? Hobby Lobby in Kalispell can help you check everything off of your to-do list at a fraction of the cost.

Make Your Kalispell Rental Property a Success with PMI

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