Fixes to consider in your Kalispell rental property this summer

Fixes to consider in your Kalispell rental property this summer
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Renting a home in Kalispell, MT? Adopting a seasonal repair schedule can help you to work effectively when it comes to servicing and maintaining your rental property. Summer is a great time to do any related maintenance work since the weather is more predictable than in the colder months. Beyond simple fixes, there are other benefits to doing regular seasonal maintenance, too! Your curb appeal will go up, as well as the awareness of your rental property experience in the community for the next renter. Plus, your resident will appreciate the attention to detail and assistance that you’re giving the property. Below, we’ve listed some top fixes for you to consider making to your rental property this summer.

Upgrading your windows

Windows are often only considered for repair when broken in a home. However, you can gain great benefits from regularly inspecting and upgrading your windows in the summer months. In the winter, your seams can loosen and leak frigid air into the property causing heating expenses to go up. By reinforcing the sealant and evaluating your windows during the summer, you can make any necessary repairs or updates. You can also choose to invest in tints that can help to insulate your property and keep it cooler in the summer months.

Taking the time to make this type of repair can also preventatively work to protect your property and your renter. Old windows and glass can be brittle and may shatter during stormy or windier months. You can minimize this risk by doing regular inspections and semi-regular replacements and treatments.

Power washing your home

Power washing can greatly improve your curb appeal, as you take off layers of dust, dirt, and allergenic grime from your property. You can also boost your renter’s perception of the property, enhancing their overall experience in the home. Beyond simple aesthetic benefits, though, there are additional perks to power washing the home. You can minimize the risk of insect infestation, as well as remove any sort of mildew or algal growth that could be on damp areas of your siding from the spring rains. Summer is an ideal time to consider power washing, as the heat from the sun can easily and quickly dry your home.

Looking for Kalispell power washing services? Connect with the Kalispell Chamber of Commerce. They’ll be able to provide you with additional resources and vendors that you can trust to care for your property.

Update your garden with fall and winter crops

Planting seasonally isn’t just great for curb appeal. Many renters will also appreciate having a well-stocked garden — and a kitchen full of delicious, homegrown food! Taking the time to do this kind of landscaping can benefit your renter’s perception of the property. Some great summer seeds to plant include:

  • Beets
  • Peppers
  • Spinach
  • Tomatoes
  • Herbs

If you’re looking for quality seeds and gardening supplies in Kalispell, be sure to check out Plant Land. Or, if you’re looking for more floral types of blooms, Wild Geese Gardens has an excellent selection.

PMI can help streamline your property management process

Property management is difficult. The team at PMI is here to help. Backed by years of industry experience and strategy, our experts can assist you through every phase of the rental management process in Kalispell. For more information, please visit our website. Or, you can reach us via phone by calling (406) 426-1916.