Five ways to celebrate spring in Kalispell

Five ways to celebrate spring in Kalispell
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April marks the time when spring returns, and winter fades. Here in Kalispell, that means that we get to see the array of local wild and plant life, bursting with vibrance as the turn of the season continues. With this comes the question: what can you do this spring to help you get the most out of the beautiful season, and enjoy yourself as much as you can before the warmth of summer comes to stay? Well, we’ve rounded up a great list of ideas to help you and your family get out and about, and soak up those gorgeous springtime rays. Read on to learn about the five spring “must-go” spots in Kalispell and the surrounding area.

Go on a nature walk

One of the most obvious (and free options) in the Kalispell area is to get out into the outdoors and take your family on a nature walk. Bring a local nature guide and identify wildflowers, birds, and any animals that you see along the way! Kalispell has a variety of wonderful springtime hikes to enjoy, and nothing really beats getting out and savoring that fresh springtime air.

Visit Glacier National Park

Glacier National Park is the hidden gem of the Kalispell area and is one of the most breathtaking National Parks in the park service. Just past the gate, you can take in the sweeping majestic beauty of the peaks and ponds, and gain access to any of the hiking trails available throughout the park. You can choose from a variety of trails, from beginner to expert, and even enjoy some camping opportunities along the main trail. Ring in the spring by celebrating the natural beauty around you. We know that you’ll be awe-struck!

Tour the grounds of the Conrad Mansion Museum

If you’re running into a slew of rainy days, or want to feel like royalty as you look out over miles of a picturesque garden, we recommend a docent-led tour through the Conrad Mansion Museum grounds. This mansion is one of the most gorgeous in the country and features sprawling acres of garden, forest, and natural beauty. It was crafted in 1895 and has been restored by historians to be one of the best-hidden gems of the Kalispell area. It’s always good to call ahead for this attraction and see if your docent can recommend a good time to stop by.

Visit Downtown Kalispell’s walkabout

Shake off the winter blues and savor a walk in the mountain fresh air. Downtown Kalispell features rows of classically designed shops and attractions, housed in a boardwalk-style avenue to stroll down with with your family or that special someone. There’s nothing quite as relaxing as a walk around town, and it will give you an opportunity to explore the city in an entirely new light. The best part? A lot of the storefronts in this area offer delicious eats, giving you an opportunity to stop off and get refreshed before heading back home.

Raft in the Flathead River

If you’re up for an adventure, grab the rafts, canoes, or kayaks and head out to the middle fork of the Flathead River. Beyond the beauty you’ll get to see driving in, there are fewer places more peaceful than the bubbling current of the Flathead River. Bring your family or fellow adventure lover and ride the waves all the way to the levee.

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